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Another great article Emily. The Republicans must figure out a unified message on this. I am pro-life, however realize others don’t feel the same. Conservatives will never win again if the Dems can threaten that we will “ban” abortion. If you saw how Desantis handled it (he does allow up to 15 weeks, which is PLENTY of time) in his debate with Crist, he said regarding unborn children “I think we should give everyone a shot at life”. It’s all about messaging and how you use words to change minds. Realistically, anyone can get a pill that works up to 12 weeks anyway, so any thought of tight restrictions is pointless.

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This issue should be considered akin to the slavery issue that the Founding Fathers considered. They knew they had no hopes of a Union if the didn’t push this issue into the future—not because they were incapable or unwilling to debate it, but because the CULTURE needed to change before the legislation would work. The abortion topic is similar. Culture would need to determine that protecting a baby’s murder takes priority over “reproductive rights.” Until that time, it is in Republican’s best interest to compromise and wait for the day that culture catches up. My compromise: 1. Up to 10 weeks, 2. Mandatory counseling (including stuff you suggested) that the male partner attends and pays for 3. Mother and partner (if applicable) must sign a form acknowledging that she is, indeed, choosing to kill a baby. To your point, we can humanize the baby while allowing this to happen.

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This is the more level-headed way of looking at the issue of abortion . . . and there are other issues, like transgender medical treatment of minors and transgender activist-designed school curriculum, etc., that has drawn a lot of left-leaning individuals into supporting Republican politicians proposing bans and parents' rights coalitions, which would benefit from this same sort of pragmatism.

Getting to grips with the limits of what public policy can do in addressing cultural controversies and the failings of our medical and science institutions is something more voters need to do - in other words, grow up and don't expect government to solve all your society's moral problems. But there's a depressing-to-witness certainty held by too many supposed grown-ups, that what is "right" can be achieved through simple "might," (in the form of another ban or government program or temporary political victory).

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I’m 100% pro life but this piece is what we need. Reasonable approaches. Reduction in abortion. Less government.

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Re-humanize! Amen. One of my biggest issues with the entire abortion debate is the cognitive dissonance so many pro-choicers subscribe to so that they can hold tight to their beliefs. Taking religion out of the equation, Science tells us it is a human being. Period.

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Abortion is certainly not nothing, but it belongs at its place near the bottom of the list of most American's policy priorities. Unfortunately, yesterday's election shows that most of America is quite content with the way things have gone over the past six years--and especially the past two.

By appearing to have largely preserved the status quo of political power, America spoke up yesterday and said, "Go ahead and bankrupt us, destroy the USD, lead us ever closer to nuclear war without any debate, open the borders and let five million illegal immigrants burden the country, let a million violent criminals thrive, teach our very young children all about the primacy of sex, gender, and racial identity, let elections be run worse than in third world countries, and let personal liberties wither and die. I agree wholeheartedly with your pro-natal ideas. Sorry, I just do not see why we're expending any intellectual bandwidth on this. We have much more important challenges in front of us.

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Abortion is about convenience these days, no matter how hard you try to sugar-coat the truth.

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I concur with your proposed action steps.

Additionally, I submit this summary...

Intellectually honest, tenable positions:

1. Pro-life on abortion, anti-mandate masks/vaccines

2. Pro-choice on abortion, anti-mandate on masks/vaccines

Intellectually dishonest, untenable positions:

1. Pro-choice on abortion, pro-mandate on masks/vaccines

2. Pro-life on abortion, pro-mandate on masks/vaccines

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It strikes me that the situation we find ourselves in concerning abortion is very much like the one we found ourselves a hundred years ago concerning alcohol. Prohibition was a disaster, and so is the attempt to ban abortion. Our goal cannot be accomplished by outlawing abortion, any more than temperance was established by outlawing liquor.

We need to change the terms of the debate from “at what point will we make it illegal to have an abortion?” To “how can we minimize the need for abortion?”

So we have to stop engaging the issue by trying to establish a generally acceptable point when an abortion is permissible. We should flat out refuse to discuss that, and instead turn the question aside with by saying “I’d rather discuss how can we find ways to make abortion unnecessary.”

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Reproductive choice and eugenics are inextricably bound. Sex-selective abortion is common and widely practiced, as is abortion of those with Downs and other genetic abnormalities.

Plus, IVF clinics routinely screen embryos, discard the defective ones and implant the largest embryos of the preferred sex. Additionally, sperm and eggs are sold and bought like any other commodity. They run ads in college newspapers and on billboards.

Supporting "reproductive choice" is intrinsically eugenic and socially/psychologically destructive. These practices aren't prospective. They've been occurring for several decades and are growing in popularity as people delay marriage and procreation.

Those who based their D vote on restrictions on abortion have again shown themselves to be histrionic and out of touch with reality. Abortions are still widely available. We live among many mentally ill people. They can't be reasoned with.

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One aspect not covered in your article, but needs to be thought about, if we are talking about practicalities, is how lucrative the abortion industry is to the handful of doctors that do it. Strong financial interests of a minority generally always win against weak preferences of the majority.

One thing the left does very well is demonize and target the industry. Perhaps the right can learn some lessons from that, learn from the enemy re tactics.

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Great article,. Very well said.

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I cringe every time I hear a republican politician take the hardline against. It clearly alienates a large % of voters instantly. A rational policy like you suggest is clearly better - yet they can't seem to see that. Why do they feel that pandering to the hard right, who do not need pandering in return for their vote, is the road they must take? A rational policy may piss some of those folks off, but they'll get over it when they win.

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I so appreciate your voice on this. I am a woman and new mother who is yearning for a pro family pro child message. I am an outlier like you as well. I am pro choice but have learned to listen more to pro life voices and understand their view. I have shifted my overall view after listening to them. I support these ideas and am thankful for you articulating them.

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"Right to choose" is easier to understand when put in context.

Right to choose after 35 weeks of pregnancy? Most babies born a few weeks premature would survive and lead healthy normal lives.

Right to choose at 14 weeks of pregnancy? That's the limit for elective abortions (no risk to to mother) in most Western European countries.

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